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Oct. 17th, 2020



This journal has been private-locked for the time being; I apologize for the inconvenience. Please do look through my memories if you're hoping for something to read! A ton of random stories from various fandoms are under "Brilliant Ficcage by Other People", and JE/bandom stories I enjoyed are listed under their respective tags. (The "bandslash" tag covers the panbandom stories I liked. I know, I should just use de.li.ci.ous, so infinitely superior XD)

Not leaving LJ-land, just no longer sure whether I'll ever manage to get my old stuff back up again =/ I am really sorry, though trust me, you're not missing much. ^^;;

Thanks for your patience, guys =) Sorry I haven't been writing much lately.

Apr. 25th, 2012


when everything (including coherency) fails you--write dream sequences.

i wanted to write about joon turning into a cat. this is what happened instead.Collapse )

Feb. 29th, 2012


this does not betoken a return to writing :rolls:

for sesame_seed, who always takes away my sorrow and brings me joy.

we have long ago established that i cannot write, and i have more or less exited fandom--if i were to pick an OTP at this point in time, it might be jeremy lin/landry fields, ahaha.

BUT--you held out a hand invitingly, you plied me with clips and links and cunning bits of characterization.  

even with all that, only for you would i break a double-taboo, my darling: kpop AND RPS.  the former contains far too much addictive inanity and guyliner, and the latter can be heartbreaking--witness my former stint in akame!

but because i am slowly coming to love lee joon (and i have always loved you)--

A story about sleeping, and not.Collapse )

Aug. 31st, 2010


although you deserve much, much more

 Dear Chrissie,

This isn't long enough or good enough for you, my dear.  It is possibly too sketchy, certainly too sappy, and very much an Aki story all around, being 80% shoddy dialogue and 20% even shoddier plot, with a ridiculous happi endo tacked on for good measure.  The title is from the French story, "La belle au bois dormant."  The Japanese use the translation of that title, rather than the shortened English version, "Sleeping Beauty."

NEVERTHELESS--I did not marry Lantis off to Hikaru, so please don't hate me XDDDDDDDDDDD

<3 *MWAH*

A quick Lantis/Eagle primer:Collapse )
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Aug. 10th, 2010


proof that even though i no longer write, fandom always eats my brain.

yes yes, I LOVED IT OK. i am already reading slash for it, now shut up.Collapse )

and then, because mossy and i have been eaten by something EVEN BIGGER THAN FANDOM...Collapse )

chatficcing is so much fun. i could never give it up, no matter HOW dry the creative wellsprings ran. it is all the joy of creation without any of the tedium of composition, and best of all, it is like giggling under the sleeping bag with your best friend.

T_T pedestrian_zone-tachi, i miss you! CHRISSIE NEVER LEAVE ME, NOT EVER.

May. 17th, 2010



oh, for video editing skillz! someone please make me a merlin vid of this song:


LISTEN TO THE WORDS. do i even have to explain? XD

Apr. 18th, 2010


i really thought i would never finish this

it feels like the sadder i find my life, the more i want to read--and write--really disgustingly fluffy bits of fiction. that, plus the fact that i recently youtube'd all of season 2 of BBC's Merlin, and you get...well. you get the rest of that awful bradley/colin RPF i posted a year ago, the day i found out about mom.

i haven't written in a really long time and i almost feel like i have forgotten how, but maybe i will dust off the muse and write me some merlin fic. i need an antidote to all the aggressive arthur/gwen action of season 2 =/ i'm sure the writers will manage to somehow wrest a happi endo from the twisted wreckage of arthurian lore, but i'm EQUALLY sure their happi endo will be greatly inferior to mine, where morgana and morgause cohabit a magical dwelling and impress everyone with their beauty, deadliness and vaguely incestuous love, arthur and merlin never stop being each other's most important person and lancelot and gwen both become gentry. (gwen deserves more than to be arthur's beard, i maintain.)

and so we pick up on the morning after...Collapse )

i don't know what to call this story. i was thinking of "the courtship of colin morgan, or 'since we've got to france it's been especially bad'." does it deserve a title?

the more i see of bradley and colin the more i'm aware of how bad an actor bradley james is; he's terribly good looking but somehow manages to project this feeling of trying too hard. it's almost the exact same feeling that arthur manages to give you, that if he stopped focusing so hard on being the prince of camelot for ten minutes in a row you might actually find out he had a personality. bradley james carries around a camera, bradley james is always ON camera. i suppose that's what makes it so tempting to imagine that off-camera, he is completely and totally aware that he is a giant geek who sits around watching buffy reruns in old sweatpants.
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May. 18th, 2009


don't say i didn't warn you.

Part 1 of 2.

Since we got to France it's been especially bad.Collapse )

EDIT: for those of you who know what's happened, i know it might seem strange that i could think of something so frivolous right now. all i can say is, it helps take my mind away. and for those of you who don't know what's happened, i'm sorry that part 2 might be a few days in coming.

i hope you all enjoyed this. thanks to cathy, meri, chrissie and subdee for patiently tolerating my rambling. i may not be able to respond for a few days, but please leave feedback if you liked? i could really, really use a smile.
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Oct. 22nd, 2008



Does anyone have any information/opinion on the Peace Corps?

I've only just started thinking about it. My primary concern would be whether or not I was suitably qualified to work in, say, Business Development.

Sorry, I know this is a bit random, and not in the least connected to bandom or anything entertaining ^^;;

Oct. 3rd, 2008


sorry, politics. skip if you don't want to read.

look, i'm not an obama fanatic. i'm definitely not a democratic fanatic. there probably isn't anyone on capitol hill or near it or even looking at it that is as socially liberal and fiscally conservative as i am.

but the thought of sarah palin in the white house turns my stomach.

actually, it does a lot more than that. but i won't go into gory detail, in case there are staunch republicans reading this. i will, however, note that you would think we as a nation would have learned from the last eight years that it takes more than a drawl and folksy charm and the ability to appeal to the average american (who, and rest assured i am including myself, is pretty abysmally ignorant) to qualify as the leader of the country.

to describe what i think of sarah palin's performance in the VP debates, i have to steal a line from colin farrell's character about bruges--"if i were retarded and lived on a farm, i might be impressed. but i wasn't, so i'm not." and that, i feel, is being unfair to farmers.

since when did the bar get set so low that all you had to do was open your mouth and people would think you did a credible job answering--or not answering--the question? granted, she did okay for being a graduate of cram school, but those are NOT the parameters i want my potential future president to be judged by!!! i'm sorry, ma'am, but if i want a soccer mom in the white house, i'll go out and find a soccer mom who at least believes in evolution, equal civil rights for gays, and has lived in one of the 48 states that bears a stronger resemblance to mine! NOT a woman who doesn't know the name of the general in afghanistan, the number of troops we have out, anything about economics, the political picture in the middle east, or how far we really are from energy independence. NOT a woman who can't name a few decent newspapers and has no knowledge of recent judicial happenings. NOT a woman who can't understand or doesn't know about the harm that her predecessor has done by overstepping his bounds. NOT a woman who has hearts in her eyes when she mentions reagan (who, by the way, was twice as charming and three times as coherent as ms. palin and still had some fucking stupid ideas, but at least i could understand people voting HIM into office), and thinks he invented the "city on a hill" quote.

i'll apologize for not cutting due to length, but not opinion.