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sorry, politics. skip if you don't want to read.

look, i'm not an obama fanatic. i'm definitely not a democratic fanatic. there probably isn't anyone on capitol hill or near it or even looking at it that is as socially liberal and fiscally conservative as i am.

but the thought of sarah palin in the white house turns my stomach.

actually, it does a lot more than that. but i won't go into gory detail, in case there are staunch republicans reading this. i will, however, note that you would think we as a nation would have learned from the last eight years that it takes more than a drawl and folksy charm and the ability to appeal to the average american (who, and rest assured i am including myself, is pretty abysmally ignorant) to qualify as the leader of the country.

to describe what i think of sarah palin's performance in the VP debates, i have to steal a line from colin farrell's character about bruges--"if i were retarded and lived on a farm, i might be impressed. but i wasn't, so i'm not." and that, i feel, is being unfair to farmers.

since when did the bar get set so low that all you had to do was open your mouth and people would think you did a credible job answering--or not answering--the question? granted, she did okay for being a graduate of cram school, but those are NOT the parameters i want my potential future president to be judged by!!! i'm sorry, ma'am, but if i want a soccer mom in the white house, i'll go out and find a soccer mom who at least believes in evolution, equal civil rights for gays, and has lived in one of the 48 states that bears a stronger resemblance to mine! NOT a woman who doesn't know the name of the general in afghanistan, the number of troops we have out, anything about economics, the political picture in the middle east, or how far we really are from energy independence. NOT a woman who can't name a few decent newspapers and has no knowledge of recent judicial happenings. NOT a woman who can't understand or doesn't know about the harm that her predecessor has done by overstepping his bounds. NOT a woman who has hearts in her eyes when she mentions reagan (who, by the way, was twice as charming and three times as coherent as ms. palin and still had some fucking stupid ideas, but at least i could understand people voting HIM into office), and thinks he invented the "city on a hill" quote.

i'll apologize for not cutting due to length, but not opinion.


basically? agreed x 7zillion.

I'm so upset and appalled that people have been lauding her performance, as if she actually accomplished anything on that stage besides fail to wet her pants. (ok, she also wins at the who can wink conspiratorially at the camera more times contest -- wtf.)

how can we set the bar for so low? if we're judging potential vps (potential presidents, maybe, even) on cuteness and likeability (and I don't think she's cute or likeable, but I can see how a certain subset of america might) then my seven year-old niece is cuter than palin, and only marginally less well-informed.

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when i listened to the reviews on her performance i felt i had stepped in some terrifying alternate universe where we no longer even wanted our politicians to be intelligent and in fact found intelligence in them slightly undesirable and condescending.
fucking hell, man. times like this i totally understand pete's stance on the elections.
It is frightening for European people like me to watch that train wreck of Palin. I watched SNL Tina Fey and stopped laughing when I realized she wasn't exagerating one bit by throwing "also" every other word in an imitation of Palin's typical answer.

I understand people who want to vote McCain even if I disagree with him but knowing she's a heart beat away from being in position of leading one of the most powerful country in the world while I'm not sure she can actually pinpoint her own country in a planisphere is somehow frustrating.

at least you ARE european. i mean, not that the EU isn't going to go through some fiscal and economic pain, because er, it probably is ^^;; but at least you're spared the shame and embarrassment of having people openly cheer for idiots. i mean, we've taken EIGHT FUCKING YEARS to get ONE out of the white house, and we're going to replace him with someone even WORSE?

sadly, i liked mccain a lot more BEFORE he started this campaign. he's really been forced to play rove's game, and that can only lower him in my eyes.
Yes! This, exactly.
i'm really glad you guys are agreeing with me--not surprised, just, like, i really fucking needed someone to say OH MY GOD YOU THINK SO TOO?

because there are just disturbing numbers of ppl who think she did WELL, and i want to scream at them, BY WHAT STANDARDS?

Re: You are made of awesome

d00d, no. i'm INHERENTLY suspicious of handsome charming people, and early on in the campaign, i actually thought about mccain even though i really can't back his stance on the war, and i really wish he hadn't gone with the rove strategy although i understand he felt it was his only shot to win, since obama nabbed a fair chunk of independents / moderates. but as empty as his rhetoric occasionally is, and despite my conviction that he really will disappoint ppl who think he's a messiah, i at least do agree with some of his social and definitely his international policies, even if i have no fucking clue how he plans to fund the domestic side of the equation. and let's face it, the republicans have done a shit job of keeping government small and the market free, so i'm pretty much never going to get my fiscal conservatism either way. look at the state of our deficit now!

i'm being backed into obama's corner by my hatred of the mccain/palin ticket. she's inexperienced, she's way more conservative than even most of america, i think, she doesn't know foreign policy and has all the earmarks of black-and-white thinking that bush so brilliantly displayed.

i wouldn't vote for sarah palin just because she was a woman. i don't expect anyone to vote for barack obama just because he was black, although i'm not going to be naive and say it doesn't happen. but at least barack obama's glib tongue and cool demeanor would keep us out of another stupid war. i can't say the same for palin.

i don't stone people simply for disagreeing with me. it's okay to have different opinions and values, as much as i can't get behind anyone who believes in dragging religion into government, but to look at that debate and say that she did a good job from any objective level on answering the questions that were given to her in a relevant manner is simply wrong. she may bamboozle the stupider half of our population with her pretty white chompers, but last i checked, that WASN'T the actual standard for winning a debate.

Nail on the head on all accounts. I voted for McCain in primaries, but the selection of Palin gave serious rise to the issue of his judgment.
the best i can do is to believe it was a purely political judgment (and by all accounts, apparently it's working, jesus christ on a pogo stick). i can't respect him for that, but i can understand it, i suppose. the saddest thing is that he may have definitely voted with his conscience prior to this election, but he's clearly had to throw that over in order to win over the hard right.

election politics suck more ass than a rimming elephant.
god, i've talked this issue to death and i only want to cry... more. i'll just say this: on a petty level, i really, really, really wish she wasn't from alaska. WE DON'T NEED THAT KIND OF REPRESENTATION. XD
petty? I WISH SHE WEREN'T A WOMAN. we don't need that kind of representation, EITHER.
The thing that really irritates me about Sarah Palin and the hype she gets (or once got; she's been slipping, yay!) is that some people actually think she's some kind of representation of the so-called ideal/average/normal American. She believes in God and the Bible, she hunts, she has a folksy accent -- and therefore, this makes her "more American"? When did this stuff suddenly become standard of Americans? She's no more American than little ol' agnostic me, or the other candidates for that matter. Why do people buy that shit?
if the average american believes in creationism i will slit my wrists or move across the border, i swear.

where do you live, though? =/ because i hate to admit it, but there actually ARE states where uh. that kind of image still applies. not so much the east or west coast, but there's a lot in between, and um. let's just say i was in ohio and someone totally said to me, "your english is really good," like it could never have occurred to him that i might be a born-and-bred american citizen. just because i'm asian. so yeah, those people, scary as it is, are out there. who do you think RE-ELECTED BUSH?
i would never vote for anyone who's answer to anything related to foreign policy is that russia is close by. i mean, SERIOUSLY? i'm chinese, does that mean i know anything about chinese policies and politics and am qualified to make important decisions on it? hell no.

plus, i don't care if she's a woman, mother, or robot or whatever reason people have been drumming up to vote for her, she doesn't stand for anything i believe in, even while we're the same sex and i don't know if that makes me sad that women's rights have so long to go that we can still hate ourselves or that it infuriates me because she's a woman and proclaims things that set us back years and years of progress.

(thank god i live in australia)
it makes me spit blood to think that ppl actually compare voting for her to voting for hillary clinton, as if they could POSSIBLY be anything alike. hillary is by no bloody means a raging liberal or even a militant feminist but she at least is a seasoned senator and cares about things i can actually support. and she can actually hold a decent intellectual debate instead of relying on her fucking toothpaste grin and mascara.
I think a reporter from the NY Times pointed out that the truly frightening thing about Palin is that she doesn't understand the basics of how the federal government works--and even worse, she doesn't exhibit any curiosity or desire to learn it. If anything, I think this debate has definitely illustrated that. She's literally treated it like some sort of final exam or something: cram a few days for it and then forget all about it. That is just scary.

On a related note re: Obama. Since when does "educated" = "elitest"?
You know, somehow I knew your most recent post would disappear if I took my eye off it. Sending Good Thoughts, and did the thing over in my journal -- where you can find it if you are interested. It is always nice to hear from you, and I'm glad I was paying attention at the right time!

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