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Does anyone have any information/opinion on the Peace Corps?

I've only just started thinking about it. My primary concern would be whether or not I was suitably qualified to work in, say, Business Development.

Sorry, I know this is a bit random, and not in the least connected to bandom or anything entertaining ^^;;


Heh, I was actually thinking about the Peace Corps a couple of weeks ago. I only got as far as reading about the opportunities available on their website, which was pretty informative.
their site is informative, yeah. i've looked at it some, and that's why my concern is being underqualified ^^;; thanks for the tip =)
I work with several people who were in the peace corps and recruit volunteers. If you want someone to talk to/email let me know.
...that would be kind of awesome and fabulous? thank you so much. yes, i'd LOVE to talk to someone who worked in recruiting? i'm very interested, and i can make the time commitment, but i don't have a lot of experience yet, so i was hoping to talk to someone who could let me know how much of a problem that might be.
Okay, cool. Is there a good email address for someone to contact you at? (The high school I work at is international and only hires people who've lived/worked abroad. We have 5 or 6 PC people.)
absolutely. please have them e-mail candice dot wei at gmail dot com. thank you again for your help!
...I just realized that it actually makes more sense if you send an email with any and all questions you have to Rick : rickweller [at] yahoo [dot] com . I told him to expect one. You can mention knowing Rachel (me) and that I said he'd be a good contact. He did PC and he knows recruiter and stuff, so if he can't answer your questions he'll know someone who can. Plus, he's a cool guy. <3

April 2012

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